Welcome to Soundlandscapes   

Captuing that gratuitous, never-ending show for which no ticket is needed. 






I record and archive the contemporary sounds of Paris. This site will give you an overview of my work and the importance I attach to capturing and preserving the contemporary sound tapestry of a city on the cusp of huge change.


For most of our history we have used artefacts, architecture, pictures and words to create a vision of our past.  It’s only in the last ten seconds or so on our historical clock that we’ve been able to capture and archive sound.  Almost all our sonic heritage has passed by completely unrecorded.  I think it’s important that the everyday sounds around us, the sounds we hear but seldom listen to, are recorded and archived so that future generations will have the sounds of our time to explore, to study and to enjoy.


Enjoy your tour of this site.